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Jonathan's Three Signature Talks

Based on Jonathan's most recent book, Your Message Matters, he has developed three signature talks. Each keynote is designed to offer practical solutions to big challenges. Regardless of the keynote you select, Jonathan will adapt the talk to fit your unique audience's needs. 

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Your Message Matters: The 4 Big Reasons Why

Purpose: An inspirational yet practical talk designed to help the audience discover their true potential in life. They will also uncover the four big reasons why they need to pursue their dreams. 

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The 4 Habits Great Online Influencers Do Every Day

Purpose:  Does your event consist of aspiring writers, speakers, coaches, or online influencers? If so, they will love this practical talk on the four habits all successful online influencers do every day!

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3 Steps for Putting Your Life's Message into Action

Purpose: Calling, career, passion, and purpose, these are all big decisions many people face. In this practical talk, Jonathan will share his simple 3-step framework for how to discover your life's purpose. 

Hi, I'm Jonathan Milligan...

Jonathan Milligan is an author of Your Message Matters: How to Rise Above the Noise and Get Paid for What You Know.

He is also a blogger, speaker, and online business coach. He has spent the last decade guiding and directing creative professionals on how to pursue meaningful work. Since 2009, Jonathan has run his own portable lifestyle business online.

Today he teaches others how to build a business with their passion, story, or message. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife, Charity, and their two kids. Find him at

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Praise for Jonathan Milligan

"For aspiring writers, speakers, and coaches, this book is a game-changer."

— MICHAEL HYATT, New York Times Best Selling Author

"Let this book be your new manual for online business success!”

—RYAN LEVESQUE , #1 National Bestselling Author of Ask. and Choose.

"In the pages of this book, you'll nail down your purpose, passion, and people. Now, more than ever, this book is mandatory reading.”

—STEVE OLSHER, New York Times Bestselling Author of What Is Your WHAT?

"Serving a tribe of people online can sustain your business for a lifetime. This book is a must-read for any online entrepreneur."

—STU MCLAREN, Founder, the Tribe course

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